On a way card, you can place several groups of bets, rather than just two (as with a split card). To do this, simply select numbers and draw circles https://www.gclub96.com/blog/ around each. Bear in mind that the more groups, or “ways”, that you have on your card, the more you will have to wager for each round.

  • The minimum bet you can place is 1 Neopoint, while the maximum is based on the age of your account.
  • If you have ever dared to dream about winning a life-changing amount of money, then you can achieve it.
  • Winning tickets are those that match any of the 20 drawn numbers.
  • Many keno players purchase multiple tickets so that they can
    select more numbers.
  • For a printer-friendly document showing keno pay tables and returns for several major keno games please see my Keno Scouting Guide (PDF).

Players are to select up to twenty numbers of their choice but can also select less than 20 numbers to play. A computer or operator then picks 20 random numbers per game of Keno and players win by matching your choice of numbers to the 20 picked by the computer or operator. It is sort of like bingo but without the BINGO word on the ticket on which you choose your winning numbers. Before you start to bet on keno games with your own, hard-earnt cash, it’s essential that you make sure you know exactly what to expect. There is nothing worse than spending money on the first few games just to get to know what is happening.

There are a few variations of keno cards that you may come across, both online and in gambling halls. What’s really different about them is how you choose your numbers and indicate your choices. So, let’s run through the most popular varieties so that you will recognise the card no matter which comes up. It is worth knowing that keno cards can also be called tickets, depending on your location and the individual casino. Most players believe that choosing four to eight numbers is the best keno strategy.

Keno game rules

All you have to do is to use one card and pick your numbers in the hope that the numbers you choose will win. There are some casinos where you will buy Keno cards at extremely discounted rates. For instance, if you bought 50 cards, you will get them at about a quarter for each piece. You get to circle them in two groups of three and on the side ticket mark 2/3 and 1/6. $1 will be for one group of three, another dollar will be for the second group and the other one for all six.

Where can I find a guide on how to play keno game online?

How much you win depends on how many spots you chose and how many match. 20 numbers are selected using the random number generator and are displayed on balls. Check the result, and you win if you match any of your numbers to the numbers on the screen. You receive a payout based on the numbers you manage to match.

However, I tend to think anybody who would take the trouble to analyze the game is probably not playing it in the first place. If you want to lose a lot less money gambling I would highly recommend converting to video poker. For live keno players, I would suggest converting to bingo. After all, slot games offer real money jackpots, so why wouldn’t Keno, right?

Use Keno Odds at Your Advantage

Keno in both the casino and
online gambling sites is completely random. Keno numbers
selected in the past have absolutely no bearing on future numbers to
come. If you have ever played the lottery, you should not have any difficulties in learning how to win at keno. The game has few variations and is often referred to as the contemporary version of lottery except for a few “upgrades”.

If you go through our guides which is similar to the Stake.com Plinko guide, you’ll notice how this game is similar to bingo. Our reviews walk you through the process of playing the game and also points out alternative variants you can try out. That should help you select a Keno version you’re comfortable with. If you’ve ever played Bingo, you’re likely to pick up some similarities to Keno in this Stake.com Keno guide. The game operates much like Bingo, where players must select random numbers from the keno card they believe will come up in the draw. If your predictions are correct, you win a payout equivalent to the numbers you match.