Civil and Rail

Our Civil and Rail crew are absolute legends! This is the feedback we continually get from our clients, the work they do is hard and the environments they work in are harder. Choose Wayland Access & Rigging for rope access:

  • Rock bolt installation
  • Cliff de-vegetation and tree removal
  • Safety net installation
  • Rock-fall mesh installation
  • Geo textile installation
  • Rock-fall barrier erection
  • Rock scaling and removal
  • Civil and rail work at heights

Take a moment to check out some of our Geo technical works in the recent projects section, not often do you get to see massive boulders being rolled off cliffs or trees being lifted with helicopters! Whether working above a road or above a railway cutting, the work we do on these jobs literally saves lives. We take pride in that, and we are fast becoming Sydney’s premiere rope access geotechnical installer.