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Windows Sealing

Overcoming Under-The-Radar Fall Hazards via Safety Set-Ups

Looking to repair your window at height? Welcome to “Way Land Access”.  Installing highly sustainable systems! Allowing external and internal roof maintenance, window sealing in Sydney! Roof-mounted heating, mulching, planting, and tree pruning! User-friendly access, standardised design platforms, and comfortable journeys high up.


Top Tools:

The dedicated crew carries the basic tools with them. All the tools supplied or installed properly. Complaint access! Safe walkway, secured and fixed neatly and strong enough to carry out all operations! Using high profile roof hatches, ladders, stairs or other tools as follows:

Roof Anchor Point Setup

Ensuring 100% safety! Cleverly designed, offering fall protection during Window sealing in Sydney! Controlled protection, whether you want to fix a solar system, or serve the plant. Dedicated crew ready to work at any height! Installing user-friendly setup! A customized structure designed to work for every application. Concrete, powerful and flexible framework! All components well connected. Well attached whether through the adjustable lanyard or the fixed lanyard. Full range of support! Well installed surface mounted structure ready for the use on metal roofs. Well established concrete mount anchor points operated usually in a high-rise building. Offering systemized framework to work high up.

Sky-Lights Protectors

Experienced workers! Using the best strategy to prevent fall! Qualified staff undergoing real-life experiences! Coming into play the best mechanism! Complex, connected, and flexible setup! Well arranged for Window sealing in Sydney by our professionals. Solid framework restricting fall hazards! Appropriate, corrosive framework, most suitable for construction and maintenance! Easily visible, clearly designed, neatly installed structure! Simple protectors! Designed in a way offering best weather protection! Finest for construction and maintenance at height! Get fitted to any size specifications!

The top skylight-covers come up with the following features:

Static Line Framework

Professionals are ready to assess the height access, safety, and work requirements. Positioning it strategically, allowing the experts to work with freedom to move in a controlled space. No discontinuity in the rope line during Window sealing in Sydney. Static lines, attached to the concrete, steel or metal structures. Offering you permanent solutions! Using certified and modular componentry! Ensuring the energy absorbing properties of it! Insured and approved by the SAYFA. Installed and supplied by the committed crew. On time maintenance of static lines! Efficient roof-mounted system! Offering your personal protection! Handled, and run by a sure hand.

Stepladders, Stairs & Platforms

Offering you easy and safe access to the elevated areas! Installing a fully verified setup! Allowing access to different heights! Trained maintenance crew available to give you a secure platform! Allowing access onto the inside and outside of building roofs! Instant access to all elevated spots for Window sealing in Sydney. Safe stairways and the steps! Comfortable step-overs, and step bridges. Reaching all complicated roof spaces. Presenting an innovative and modularly designed framework!