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Safety Netting

Setting-Up Safety Netting in Sydney by "Way Land Access"

On-budget and on-time is our prime standard at “Way Land Access” - a known name in the world of industries proposing height solutions! Offering Safety netting in Sydney! Client oriented crew. Compliant solutions! Roof access hatches, ladder, guardrail and walkways overhead rail system. Quality rescue and harness gear equipment. Guaranteed skylight protectors!

Smooth functionality. Uninterrupted system! Minimal deflection! Maximum strength! Neat and clean! Unobtrusive and customized systems for every single application!

Having a Supervisor Onsite

Our supervisors' play his role by making sure that the team has applied all the security norms on the high painting worksite. Making sure the electrical wires are away from the people. Verifying that the presence of protective helmet and harness are worn by all painters during Rope Access in Sydney! Qualified consultants, professional printers, and skilled experts are at your disposal. Offering best working conditions, top quality material, and skilled workers! Using special types of equipment, efficient work, approaching seemingly impossible to reach areas, finally getting real results! Ensuring to meet our valued clients’ specific requirements! Offering a safe platform to reach all points!

Overhead Rail System

Controlled system! Offering you fall protection! Our professionals use it for general maintenance and cleaning. Installing the overhead rail system with a variety of structures, i.e., roof purlins, steel wok, concrete structures, and metal roof decks!

Safety Net Setup

offering guaranteed Safety netting in Sydney! Catching falling objects at the site of construction! Higher in strength! Lower in price.

Static Line System

Offers access to elevated area! Continuous attachment! Strategically positioned! No discontinuity throughout the rope line, not even for a second. Securing the static lines to concrete structures, steel, or roof decking! Using long-lasting mounting fixtures! Our dedicated specialists are expert in installing, supplying and maintaining the whole framework. Using quality, certified, advanced and modular components ensuring the protection.

Roof Anchor Point Framework

Designed cleverly, offering free movement for the workers high up. Superior protection, controlling the worker’s trip or slip. Controlled fall! Designing, proposing and installing a compliant framework. The user-friendly setup! Ready to operate at any height! Long lasting system, serving roof mounted plant, mechanical types of equipment, solar panels, or abseiling. Choosing the right roof anchor set-up for the relevant task!

Time-Sensitive Projects

Immediate service of setting up Safety netting in Sydney! Ready-to-install kits! Organized project management, multiple solutions, and site supervision! Establishing the whole framework to the highest standards! Quick inspection, audit, reporting, and certification! Fast maintenance, designing of structure, or recertification! Offering you quality platforms, stairs, and stepladders! Lifelong service meeting certification!

Our Professionals

We offer you the following:

Our Services

Our professional abseilers are at your disposal to offer you the maintenance. No additional charges for reaching elevated areas. The standard, organized, constructive system! Quick installation solutions! All hazardous areas covered. Well designed, smoother, and organized Safety netting in Sydney. Free audit available! Free advice accessible! Permanent solutions! The compliant solution! An on time services as follows:


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Height solutions at a fraction of the cost! Offering budget friendly pricing!