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Rock Netting

Installation of Rock Fall Netting in Sydney by "Way Land Access"

Looking for a repair service offering a platform to work at height? Welcome to the “Way Land Access” - a Sydney owned well-established company. Installing Rock fall netting in Sydney! Offering lightweight, fire-retardant and non-corrosive system to work high up! High level of protection! Designed purposely! Onsite delivery and assembly!

Access solutions

Free access solution. Reaching all excessive heights! Authorized, supersized, and organized access to all elevated areas. Meeting all ceiling-access requirements! Designed, structured, and installed by the professional staff on the spot. Meeting all challenges! Specially formed to cover the impossible places!

Settled Walkways

Standard, compliant, and well-designed walkways! Comprehensive construction. Ensuring safety, easy and free access! Quality setting up! Compliant walkway set-up! Light in weight. Standard installation! Great corrosion-resistant components of Rock fall netting in Sydney. Eliminating the disadvantage of old welded systems! Using high quality resistant free environment! Modern and advanced ways to structure a well-formed framework. Versatile, modular in design! Safe to use! Fast to install. Standard quality! Showing maximum strength! Fully guarded setup suitable to use. Reaching all different buildings and heights ensuring to meet the standard mobility and access requirements! Well fitted components. Well configured framework.

Fall Prevention

The ready-to-install safety kits offer protection. No fear of damage. No sudden expensive shutdown. Standard components! Allowing immediate installation. Protecting the travelling cyclists and pedestrians! The controlled and systematic system of Rock fall netting in Sydney. All hazardous areas covered. Fast installation of safety kits in diverse situations where protection is paramount. Ensuring fall prevention! Using the premium-grade safety tools, i.e., Lanyards, Pole straps, Energy absorbers, Carabiners, and Roof’s kit. High quality, rope lines, carry-bags, and the harness storage cabinets.

At a Fraction of the Cost

Cost effective installation of setup available at a budget-friendly price! Rapid onsite assembly. High strength and lightweight! High profile design! Well maintained setup of Rock fall netting in Sydney. Authorized access to heights! Strategically reaching the elevated surfaces. Installing specifically designed setups conveying complicated and hard to reach areas! Touching excessive heights at low cost. Increased number of access points using innovative and safe ways to go high up. Neat and controlled installation! Reaching to the extra high ceiling is easy for us. All risky areas covered. Ensuring the lifespan, and the durability of the roof ceiling! The commercials as well the residential roof decks are covered by charging you a little amount. Reinforcing the strength of the framework!

Following Guidelines

Keeping in mind all essential needs! Simple and fast setting up! The robust construction of Rock fall netting in Sydney! Offering you versatility! Attentive staff, following the set guidelines and specific procedures. Determining and identifying all hazards along the way. Using compliant and innovative ways to access elevated areas. Installing guardrails and fixed ladder in a systematic way.

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