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Height Safety

Height Safety in Sydney to Work Overhead by "Way Land access"

Free height safety assessment – Call us now or CLICK HERE to book your free height safety inspection. Our representative will come to your building to assess your height safety systems against the latest legislation. This will include anchor points, safety lines, rail systems, access points, handrails and fixed ladders. The report will outline any shortcomings in the system, and make recommendations to bring the systems up to current height safety code.

Consultation – We can design a system around your specific requirements. Whether you want specific access to a single part of a roof or a comprehensive system that allows access to every part of the roof and facades. We will find a system right for your specific needs.

Installation – Wayland Access and rigging are approved installers for SAYFA and have all the knowledge, experience and insurance required to fit a fully compliant system.

Certification – We can certify not only our own installs but any existing system providing it meets current legislation and has been installed correctly.

Are you planning to install roof anchor points? “Way Land Access” is Sydney’s leading company offering the height solutions. Guaranteed Height safety in Sydney! Specialized in installing safety lines round-the-clock! Designing, supplying, producing, and taking a standard approach to access hard to touch zones.

Ensuring high safety level for repairs or construction at elevated points! SAYFA approved installers are at your disposal. Offering customer-oriented solutions! Maintaining modularity in design! Advanced, non-slip, roof mounted, and safe access for planting, hedging, mulching, tree trimming, and retaining the walls high up!

Specialized Safety Systems

We offer you a multi-directional system by installing the fire-retardant, non-corrosive non-metallic fibre. Cost effective access solutions to all elevated areas. Following a set of essential guidelines! Using compliant and innovative setups for fall prevention! Ensuring Height safety in Sydney! Installing the higher level control system, for instance, fixing ladder, walkways, and guardrails. The unique profile design of the safety framework ensures fall prevention. The high strength, lightweight construction is highly rated at industrial levels. Allowing broader spectrum of professionals to do the job effectively!

Risk-Free Walkway

Our safety set-up is systematic, organized, and maintained. Installing the anchor points and the cables lines! Undergoing the deep analysis and testing of these anchor points. Meeting the standards! Undertaking periodic inspection! Lifting and rigging made easy. Minimizing the risks! Ensuring fall prevention! Safety experts! Get the free safety audit. Bringing you versatility, durability and Height safety in Sydney! The controlled and trouble-free environment! Designed to offer you protection, smoother and permanent solutions! Dedicated crew to reach out all dangerous areas! Accessible 24/7 for landscape maintenance!

At a Fraction of the Cost

Looking for fairly charged services? We offer you cost-effective solutions. We access elevated areas, rooftops, maintenance platforms, ceiling spaces, and complicated elevated areas! All at budget-friendly prices! Maintaining safety of the homeowners, and the passers-by! Offering high corrosion-resistant tools! Modularly designed well installed, trained specialists, and quality components! Providing cost efficiency and maximum strength. Using traditional systems along with modern techniques following your specific requirements! Verified Height safety in Sydney at low cost! Resulting in a modern, organized, less time consuming and easily installed walkways.


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